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How your personal information may be used

T3 Communications Limited gathers information which is non-personally- identifying. It collects each user request and sends it to the visitor’s interaction through the website. T3 Communications Limited collects the information of the users to understand their user behaviour on the T3 website. 

T3 Communications Limited collects information of the users like IP addresses where the users logged in and leave comments in T3 blogs/sites. T3 Communications Limited communicates and commenters through the IP Addresses.

T3 Communications optimize your information in several ways:

  • Maintaining the website.
  • Creating your account as a user of the website and contrive the website unto your account.
  • Sending promotional information such as Mailchimp. 
  • Providing user support.
  • Measuring the performance of the website.
  • Maintaining the website payment process by the purchase to T3 Communications Limited. 
  • Notify the new information and the new attractive services. 

T3 Communications Limited do not sell your personal information to anyone. We may share the information with third parties when we are authorised. 

Opt-In: T3 Communications Limited uses Opt-In.

Social Sharing: Share is used for making the content like blogs on which is shareable to social networks. 

Tracking: T3 Communications Limited use good marketing tools which help us to make the site better. This tool allows us to measure the total data like scroll and clicks which assists us for measuring the website. Your information will not be used by these tools.

Remarketing: T3 Communications Limited takes help from the remarketing tracking tools. When you visit our website, you will see the promotion of our product. This helps us to promote special offers for our products and services to you. And we don’t use your personal information by any remarketing service.

Contact Information and Website Support

For contacting T3 Communications Limited, we provide you with many ways. When any audience tries to reach us through an online form, the information which is provided by you it will be stored to the administration.


T3 Communications Limited uses Disqus. This thing helps you to leave comments on blog posts. By entering the comments, your personal information will be sent to Disqus servers. 


 T3 Communications Limited uses Mailchimp as an email service provider. When an audience logged through the website, an automated mail will go to their mail. So you can get the information about our upcoming activities.


T3 Communications Limited hosts webinar using clickmeeting software. When you participate in the webinar, you will be requested to submit your personal information to register and log in. We may send you an email for communicating with you. 

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