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Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics Setup Using Google Tag Manager

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Learning Outcome from this write up:

  • Identify the Importance of Google Tag Manager

Google Tag manager (GTM) is a handy tool which allows marketers to handle all types of tag including but not limited to Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Google Adwords Conversion tracking. Truly speaking, it has saved my hours to track all the events associated with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other tools necessary for digital marketing when i can implement tracking events without the help of a developer.

Why Tag Manager?

Here are few reasons why i use tag manager:

  • I can deploy tracking code without the help of a developer
  • All of my codes lie in the same place
  • I can test the tag using GTM debug functionality which is why i can monitor whether the tag is getting executed or not.
  • I can assign some of the tasks with my other team members
  • I can create different versions for my convenience

Today we are going to discuss how to set up Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.

Create Google Tag Manager Account (GTM)

Creating a GTM account is very simple and it is integrated with your gmail account. Please Go to Google tag manager and create an account by filling the necessary field.

Facebook Pixel Set Up using Google Tag Manager

To set up Facebook Pixel using GTM you need to go to Ad Manager and upon clicking the left side toggle menu you will find the following screen. Please click on the Pixel Button and you will be redirected to Facebook Pixel page.

Now, you will see a create pixel option and create pixel from the option. Hereinafter you will see the Facebook Pixel.

N.B: I prefer to install Facebook Pixel Code manually since helps me a lot track the events conveniently.

Now let’s move to GTM and click on Tag Button. A sideview will be opened and use the following stuffs there:

Tag Type: Custom HTML (Since there is no default tag for facebook pixel in GTM)

HTML: Put Facebook Pixel Base Code Here.

Confusion: I have omitted <noscript> code from here since GTM Custom HTML tag does not fire <noscript> tag placed inside it.

N.B: I have omitted Noscript Part from the Facebook Pixel since Noscript part does not fire inside Custom HTML Tag. If you want to learn about how Noscript works, pleas click here.

I have installed Facbook Pixel Helper Extensions for my Google Chrome browser. Since i have installed only the base code, Facebook Pixel Helper extension is showing that “PageView” event has been fired accordingly.

From the above screen we see that Facebook Pixel Tag Has Been fired. For our convenience i have installed “Facebook Pixel Helper” Google Chrome Extension to see what’s happening inside Facebook Pixel.

Now Let’s test the “PageView” event inside facebook pixel. Click on the left side test event and you will see the activities occurred inside the receiving activity segment.

Google Analytics Setup Using Google Tag Manager

I have installed “Google Tag Assistant Extension” in my Google Chrome browser.

Ok, All Set!.

Now, if you browse your Google Analytics Account,

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