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What will be covered in this write up:

  • Explore the 4 simple steps to track contact form 7 events in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel using google tag manager
  • Create custom event event in Google Analytics
  • Set Goal in Google Analytics
  • Create Custom Event in Facebook Pixel
  • Create Custom Conversion in Facebook Pixel


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Transformation of business through Digital Marketin

With the advancement of technology our civilization needed further development. The origination of the internet and the rise of digital technology have had some profound effects. In this 21st century, from communication to business, everything is becoming digitized. Distance, lack of a physical space, cost of communication are no longer limiting us from doing business effectively. In fact businesses are thriving more through online platforms than offline.

According to emarekter, Global eCommerce sales will increase to 16% of all sales in 2020.

That being said, focusing only on traditional communication limits us from gaining the upper hand in the business world. Just the same way using modern electronic devices gives a doctor the advantage of taking more informed decisions about a disease or a patient, using modern technologies such as business analytics and metrics has given businesses the advantages of effectively and efficiently reach out to customers and predict their preferences and successfully persuade them.

Today, the whole marketing industry is biased towards digital marketing. And why won’t they? Digital marketing has such benefits that traditional marketing could never have. Global business giants like Amazon or Uber can be held as the perfect example of the business transformation and its’ effectivity. These businesses have combined modern digital technologies with old, familiar traditional business ideas, like retail sales and transportation. This is ‘adapting with modern world’ on another level!

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Now let us take a look at how digital marketing is transforming businesses:

Data, metrics and analytics: Before the whole digitization fiesta started, the marketing world had to suffer the most because of the lack of data which they can use to infer and action on and make decisions. Marketers could only make a communication, say for a TVC or a poster and hope for the best to happen. But today thanks to the modern analytic technology and social media platforms you can easily see how much impact your communications made, how many people it could attract and how much people bought the product after the communication. Using this data in various metrics, you can easily customize and make the customers personalize what they want to see and what they actually want to buy. 

In other words, digital transformation has given marketers more accurate user data and metrics, enabling them to twist and turn the data with analytics and optimize their marketing plans according the inferation. 

Social media interaction:

Today because of the big data analytics and revolutionary social media platforms, marketers can easily reach out to their target customers and they can easily figure out who are the potential buyers through effectively tracking the customers on social media. People are open about their preferences and choices because they don’t want to get bored with the ads of the products they’ll never need either. So it’s a win win situation for everyone.

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Prior to this digitization process, communications were not so much of conversations rather they were one-way. But today communications on social media platforms are such as infographics or OVC or animations are actually communicative. People can express how they feel about a product. That helps business to grow efficiently.

People are always updated and it’s almost like they keep the whole world into their pocket. This figure below shows a statistics that the mobile data consumption globally is rising at an exponential rate.

Social media has a global penetration rate of 45%.(Source: Statista) Social media has such an influence on people that according to research by MarketingSherpa, 95% netizens aged 18 to 34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking. Moreover, when people are not interacting with the brands, they probably are interacting between themselves about the brands. That is, spreading word of mouth is easier than ever because of the availability of social media. 

71% of satisfied consumers to share it to others, after having a good social media service experience with a brand. (Source: Ambassador)

So, bottom line is, for any brand, social media marketing plays a pivotal role without which modern marketing remain incomplete.

Copywriting and SEO: Now, this is the most interesting and important part of modern digital marketing strategy. A simple tool yet so effective that it makes every other tactics subside. One simple info about the copywriters would be enough to express how important copywriting is; the average advertising copywriter salary is in the six figure range. Can you guess why copywriters are so in demand? Well, that’s where creativity kicks in. 

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From the very beginning of civilization humans are different because of their ability of storytelling. And today brands are recognized through their storytelling. Only in the marketing world we call it copywriting. Copywriting is the art of influencing people with the twist of words. Truth be told, drastic innovation in products is rare. So almost all of the products of same kind satisfies the same needs. That is where copywriters are needed; to make one brand differentiate than others. Words can work magic where nothing else can. They drive the customers to action. They can even make the non-believers biased towards your product.

And when it comes to copywriting, SEO is a must-know tool. It’s not so much of a tool as it is a strategy. It is the technique of optimizing my content for the search engines while at the same time solving a particular issue of an individual who searched with some particular terms. SEO includes writing contents that appeal and persuade people and also rank high on the search engines. In a nutshell, using SEO allows my contents to come first on google and that is organically; without any sponsoring or pay-per-click cost.

Now, do the brands have the time to manage their business and at the same time apply all these effective and tactful marketing techniques? No, they don’t. But there are some creative heads who work on exactly this crisis of business world. They take this need gap and create customized ideas and digital content for different brands. There are several such digital marketing agencies around the world, same as ours. We work on the same issues, for different companies. 

Only our creativity makes all the difference.


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